Annual General Meeting

The Society’s AGM was another success with 52 members and guests attending.

They saw some fascinating short clips from longer videos, super 8 movies etc. showing eras and aspects of early Avalon Beach. One showed the Department of Main Road’s (as the RTA were called back in the 1960s) attempt in the late 1960s to widen the bends around Bilgola. Fortunately construction was halted due mainly to community outrage at such a hideous plan. Shown were the huge amounts of fill  ‘imported’ along with a large number of precast concrete structures which would have been used to retain and batter the embankments they would have formed. Eventually  it was all removed except for some early fill which altered the original geography on tyne southern side of the valley. It has been  very successfully replanted using appropriate native shrubs, ground  covers and the like. Ongoing bush regeneration keeps some of the introduced weeds in check.

Our next meeting will be held in December, date to be announced here.


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