These are our recently scanned photos. We have a collection of many more that are being progressively scanned, check back often for new additions. 

This video was produced by Society member John Illingsworth to celebrate 35 years of the Society. It includes speeches and toasts from the opening night.

This video shows a clip of the Society’s 9th great historic photographic exhibition conducted over the June 2018 long weekend in the Avalon Beach Recreation Centre.

This poster from the late 1960s was contributed to by the Avalon Preservation Trust (APT), several other like-minded organisations and many locals concerned at the threat of ‘out-of-control’ building by developers and speculators.The threat to[…]

To promote the screening of ‘Grand Prix’ at the Avalon Cinema’ in 1966, Arnold Spry came up with the innovative idea of displaying an actual open-wheeler similar to the one in which Alec Mildren won[…]

For some years in the 1950s Gwen Searl kept a ‘minute book’ in which she recorded the ‘going-ons’ around Avalon Beach, including the school. She even pasted in this book the butts from the Opening[…]

This photo taken in 1923 shows Alan Hay with his daughter Irene on his lap. Alan had married Clara Dorothy Collier in 1919. His other daughter Evelyn sits between the two Butcher children and her[…]

This detail from Arthur Rickard’s ‘Pearl of Pittwater Estate’ subdivision plan shows the view in 1920 from Hudson Parade down Delecta Avenue towards the present-day turning circle and boat launching area adjacent to the car[…]