Avalon Public School

The first school building of Avalon Public School late in 1950 after 66 pupils from Newport Public School, who had travelled from all points north of Newport to get to school, became the first pupils of the new Avalon Public School. Doss McGuire, with the white hair, was the headmaster’s wife who taught Kindergarten to 3rd grade in one half of the building. Much-loved teacher Bonnie Kissen stands behind Doss wearing sunglasses.

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  1. Hi Geoff ,
    Do you have any photos of Avalon kindergarten in Avalon Pde , I had one of us all sitting on our little chairs withNicky Erwin
    in it too and I also think Diana. Mrs Lyall was the kindergarten teacher .
    I will pick out some photos of mum and dads and email them to you . When I have some down time .
    What great work you are doing keeping Avalon’s history alive .

    Kind Regards
    Linsey Wardell

  2. I was a pupil of Avalon PS during 1955-56. I travelled with my parents and sisters to the UK in 1956. I have a photo of our class 3P. Our teacher was Mr P……. Forgotten but we called him Mr Parachute. Not overly respectful. I have vivid memories from those times which I would be pleased to share plus the photo. I am easy to spot; in the back row, big grin and big ears!

    1. Hi Craig
      Thanks for the contact and your interest. I left in 1958 to go to Narrabeen Boys High School so we probably passed one another in the playground at Av.
      Would love to have a scanned shot of 3P if you could email that to me on gcsearl@bigpond.com. Don’t know of the ‘P’ but the scan might ring a bell.

  3. My brother Peter and I went to Avalon Primary in the early to mid 1950s when the wonderful McGuires were in charge. I still have very fond memories of the place. A few names seem to have stuck in my memory – Lindsey Wherrett, Robin Temple, Stephanie McDonald among the kids, and Mr Denny, Ms Salter among the teachers. I thought it was a fabulous place. Bob Connolly

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